Electrical Rewiring Services

Rewiring Services.
Rewiring Services.

When your Smithtown, NY, area home needs electrical rewiring services, call our professional electrical technicians at HomeOps.

You can trust HomeOps for all your wiring and rewiring projects. Our certified electricians specialize in installing, replacing, and repairing circuit panels, ceiling fans, generators, lighting, whole-house surge protectors, and other helpful jobs to keep your family safe and comfortable.

Electrical Rewiring Services in Smithtown, NY

Household wiring can be complicated. It only makes sense to hire a certified electrician from HomeOps when you need electrical rewiring services.

Our team of certified electricians receive extensive training to ensure the job gets done correctly. We’ll provide practical solutions that meet your needs and fit your budget. We truly care about your comfort and your safety.

Computer Network Electrical Rewiring Services

Your computer network wiring plays a vital role in facilitating reliable data transmission, minimizing signal interference, and supporting high-speed and secure network connections. Our team of expert electricians at HomeOps will recommend the best layout to create a sound network for all the devices in your home.

Also known as network cabling, computer network electrical rewiring services involves strategically organizing and installing cables, connectors, and related hardware to establish a reliable and efficient communication channel between network devices.

Hot Tub Wiring in New York

You can trust HomeOps to handle electrical rewiring services for your hot tub. Our electricians follow national and state electrical codes and manufacturer specifications to ensure your hot tub experience is a safe and enjoyable one!

Hot tubs typically require a dedicated electrical circuit to handle the power demands. In addition to ensuring your electrical system can handle the demand, our electricians will use the right cables and outdoor conductors suitable for outdoor use.

We protect the wiring in an appropriate conduit to safeguard it from physical damage. A grounding system is also necessary to avoid the risk of electric shock.

Should I Upgrade My Home's Electrical System?

While newer homes typically have 220-volt service, many older homes still operate with 110-volt service.

That means it won’t be possible to use some newer appliances without upgrading to 220-volt service. HomeOps can upgrade the voltage in your home quickly and efficiently to give your home more power.

When Is It Time to Rewire Your Home?

Here are a few indicators that it could be the right time to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced electricians:

  • Your home was wired before 1950—Was your home built before 1960? If so, chances are your New York home electrical system is due for some rewiring work. Up to the late 1950s, cloth-covered wiring was commonly used in homes. As time passed, cloth insulation deteriorates, leaving the wire bare. Bare wire is at a high risk of sparking and shocking anyone in the home or causing a fire.
  • There isn’t enough power—If you find you usually run out of outlet space or your circuit breaker often trips, consider calling HomeOps for a rewire consultation. Making constant, excessive demands on your electrical system can aggravate underlying issues.
  • Aluminum wiring is present—Aluminum wiring is a known fire hazard. If you believe your home has aluminum wiring, call us to rewire it.
  • Having to use extension cords all the time—If you find yourself continuously using extension cords, or find that temporary solutions have become permanent fixes, then it is time to give the electricians at HomeOps a call.
  • Your electrical system is ungrounded—Grounding is critical for conducting excess electricity out of the home. If your system becomes ungrounded, the excess electricity can cause a fire or deliver a hazardous shock to anyone in the home.

Call HomeOps if you are experiencing any of these problems or other problems related to electrical wiring. We will respond promptly and send out one of our certified electrical technicians right away.

Call Us Today!

Don’t wait until you experience a serious electrical problem in your Smithtown, NY, home. Our electricians at HomeOps provide the best electrical rewiring services.  We will inspect your entire electrical system and offer practical solutions to ensure your comfort and safety. Call 631.509.2000 or request service online today.


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