Ceiling Fans, Exhaust Fans, and Dryer Vents

Ceiling fans.
Ceiling fans.

Proper ventilation plays a vital role in the health of your Islip, NY, home. From installing ceiling fans to adding an exhaust fan in your basement, HomeOps can help your home breathe a little better.

Suffolk County, NY, Ceiling Fans Installation

Ceiling fans are not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Your HomeOps professional will need to take measurements to find one that fits the room where you want it installed. The span of the blades determines how much airflow it produces—the longer the span, the better the airflow.

The blades should be about eight feet from your floor for optimal airflow. Here are two common mounting solutions:

  • Flush mounts
    If the room has a low ceiling, this is a simple and effective way to mount it. In this setup, the fan is flush with your ceiling.
  • Down rod mounts
    In rooms with higher ceilings, installing down rod mounts may be necessary. A rod hangs from your ceiling, feeding the wiring to the fan. It also suspends the fan at the proper eight-foot length from the floor.

Options for Ceiling Fans

Do you want a ceiling fan on your back patio? Are you ready to invest in a new fan to keep clients comfortable while waiting in the lobby?

While switching out an existing fan may be relatively straightforward, installing a new one can be very complicated. Handling electrical wires is extremely hazardous for someone without professional training and experience. When you hire a certified electrician, you can rest assured that your new investment will be installed safely, accurately, and affordably.

Ceiling Fan Lights

Need some extra illumination? Your ceiling fan can come with a light fixture to brighten your space.

Ceiling Fan Switches

For your comfort and convenience, there are multiple options to control your ceiling fans. Here are the most common switches:

  • Pull chain
    Simple to install and simple to control, the pull chain is a classic option. Pull the chain on the fan to turn it on and off and control the blade speed.
  • Wall switch
    Wall switches allow you to control the fan like a light switch.
  • Remote control
    Power on and adjust from anywhere in the room at your leisure with remote control for your ceiling fan.

Smart Fans

Smart fans allow you to control your fan from anywhere in the world via your smartphone. Additionally, you can set energy-saving cycles, significantly reducing your energy expenses.

Ceiling Fan Repair and Ceiling Fan Replacement in Suffolk County, NY

Do you already have a fan, but it stopped working? In many cases, a professional repair can have your ceiling fans working like new again in no time.

Whether you want to repair the fan you have or are ready to switch to a smart fan for maximum efficiency, we are here to help. HomeOps will recommend a customized solution that will fit your unique needs, style preferences, and budget.

Kitchen and Bathroom Exhaust Fans

In addition to ceiling fan services, HomeOps offers professional repairs, installations, and replacements for residential and commercial exhaust fans.

Is your historic home still missing an exhaust fan in the kitchen and bathrooms? Do you need to install an industrial exhaust fan for your workshop, art studio, or manufacturing warehouse? Is it finally time to replace the old exhaust fan in your restaurant’s kitchen?

Let our certified electricians help you improve the indoor air quality (IAQ) inside your New York home or business by effectively removing smoke, excess moisture, and foul odors.

Basement Exhaust Fans

Mold and mildews are the enemies—healthy ventilation to keep things dry is the solution. HomeOps can install exhaust fans that connect to vents throughout your basement to rein in excess moisture.

You can choose a basement exhaust fan equipped with humidity sensors that trigger the fan when moisture is detected within the basement. Doing so minimizes the chances of mold growth, water damage, and other common basement problems.

Dryer Vent Installation or Replacement

Call HomeOps to install or replace a dryer vent in your home or business.

You may not hear of many dryer vent fires on the nightly news here in the Islip, NY, area, but they are a real threat and happen more than you know. At HomeOps, we want to help you remain safe and comfortable in your home by professionally inspecting your dryer vent—and replacing it if necessary.

A faulty dryer vent can make you unsafe since a house fire is a potential consequence.

Depending on the vent your dryer has, there could be feet and feet of lint. All these layers of lint can quickly grow into clogs. When your vent has a bend in it (or is accidentally crushed in one area), your clothing’s lint accumulates disproportionately there. This is what creates a clog.

Since this lint usually consists of flammable fuzz and fluff, it can easily catch fire. Any mechanical issue with your dryer can throw a spark, and there are those layers or clumps of flammable lint sitting there. It’s the perfect tinder for any errant spark.

Need Ventilation Service? Call Today!

HomeOps has a team of certified electricians ready to assist with all your Islip, NY, area home’s electrical needs—including ceiling fans and ventilation. Call today at 631.509.2000 or request service online.


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