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  • Electrical Outlets


  • Running out of room to plug in your devices? Look no further!

    When we see a brand-new appliance that we just have to buy, we don’t always think about the power supply necessary to keep it running. Although it’s usually safe to assume that our home can handle it, eventually we might reach a point where our home just doesn’t have enough outlets to support the things we want to plug in.

    Home Ops is here to make sure that doesn’t happen to you! Adding outlets is a common request nowadays, and we can get it done for you in no time. Outlets are integral to modern-day comfort since there’s so much that runs on electricity, but they’re a pain to deal with if you’re not experienced in adding them.

    Our technicians, however, can add as many as you’d like. They’re held to a standard of excellence here at Home Ops, so you never have to worry about a half-hearted job. Our team makes sure they leave your home cleaner than how they found it – the only difference you’ll notice is the abundance of outlets!

    And even if you don’t want more outlets, we can increase the versatility of the ones you do have by including USB ports or outfitting them to GFCI specifications in case you want to put them outside or near sources of water.

    Whatever your request is, Home Ops is here to help. For the speediest and most reliable outlet installation and repair in Port Jefferson, give us a call at 631-865-5012!